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18 March 2009 @ 10:39 am
Ha. You know its been a long time since you've updated your journal when you don't even notice that you typed in the wrong username and the system is telling you your username doesn't exist o.o;

I've been meaning to start updating this again but just havent had the motivation. College is a horrible monster that enjoys eating all my free time. Between that, work, and studying I don't have a lot of time ^^;. These are all just excuses by the way...

So heres to getting back into this blogging thing.. May it be more successful than previous attempts.
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18 March 2008 @ 04:46 am
Wow...first post in...(checks) 44 weeks! A new record. I don't even know where to begin with this post cause I haven't bothered to even look at my last entries... So...I'll just jump right into whats going on now.

Some bad news over the last week...that new star wars game got delayed ;_; Yes this counts as bad news...Now my PS3 will continue to cry itself to sleep because I don't use it and still haven't gotten to finishing Folklore and Enchanted Arms.

Though my Wii has never been happier with the release of Brawl. Actually went to the opening night tournament and sale...Very surprisingly won 1st in the tournament and continued on to get humiliated in the first match of the district tournament the following week.

Since its spring break, I've made it my goal to finish some games ><. I'm currently working on rushing through Persona 3 so I can play FES when it comes out. I also need to try and finish Apollo Justice...and maybe Folklore...Which somehow reminds me I need to get back to Luminous Arc...and Rune Factory...etc. Too many games to play..I blame Atlus.

Aside from all that I need to get a new job and somehow learn to play guitar because rockband has convinced me that I need to become a rock star. Who says I don't have goals?
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13 May 2007 @ 07:51 pm
I love not updating for a long time then forgetting what it was you wanted to type....Its a fun experience...Like.....going on that big pointy tower shooty thing on the stratosphere at night...I miss Las Vegas sometimes.... *tear* I yearn for my homeland!

...err yah anyway. Not much to post. Still not playing FF6 because it is teh sux and the floating continent is teh gay. Though, over spring break I beat FF3 Finally! I beat something else over spring break too.....what was that game >< I think I mentioned beating ToD1 ps1 in my last post.... My memory sucks if you havent noticed by now.

On an incredibly brighter note, I'm getting a Wii wootzor. Amazon had them in stock and I noticed at just the right time. Managed to snag one. I've yet to decide on the first game I want to get for it though. Right now Im aiming for Sonic and the Secret Rings. I like Sonic and it looks somewhat interesting. I was originally playing to get Twilight Princess but I already have it for gamecube and I dont really want to pay 50 bucks for it again. Not that its not worth 50 bucks....but Its really not worth it just to play the game backwards... Meh. Id kinda like to get Red Steel or FarCry but they've both gotten really bad reviews. I might look into that Prince of Persia game. I've never played a PoP game so it might be somewhat fun.

In other news: Pokemon! ....that really covers that. I think.

Saw SpiderMan 3 today. All those reviewers who gave it bad reviews need to die. It was the most awesomest spiderman movie ever. Not 300 awesome, but still awesome. They keep killing off all the villains though, so I kinda wander what theyre gonna do when they run out....
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02 April 2007 @ 01:23 am
Woot first post in....April? Its april now? meh...

Spring Break woot. 2 weeks of no school. Lifes good. But wait...whats this...homework? Some teachers dont understand the concept of no school, no homework. So I get to try and memorize all 43 presidents and what years the served. I can't even remember to update this journal and my teacher expects me to memorize 43 old guys?....Okay its not that bad, memorized 21 in 2 days. Thats without the days though. Hopefully the dates wont count for as much ><.

My copy of Tales of Destiny (ps1) arrived like 3 or 4 weeks ago so I've been playing that. I couldnt get into it at first. I blame the battle system. Its too much like Tales of Phantasias. having no problems getting into it now. Im about 13 hours in and at Mikhail...I think. Its the place where your supposed to get some airship thing. Im hoping to beat it before April 22 cause thats when Pokemon Diamond comes out. ...Thats right I said Pokemon Diamond. The idea of smashing the dreams of some random 10 year old somewhere in the world over wifi is just too appealing to me. Plus I want to be teh poKemOn MaSteR.

Still havent beat Final Fantasy 3. It's too hard ><. Its like playing Star Ocean Second Story where everything kills you in one hit.

Now that I have a job I keep spending my money on cds. Its like a bad addiction. Over the course of a month or two Ive gotten 3 fall out boy cds, 1 funeral for a friend, 1 yellowcard, and 1 dragonforce. If you cant tell I have trouble saving money. But, yknow, who needs a car when you can get a PS3 or a Wii? I guarantee it, if I see a Wii, I will be forced to buy it... And know I need a PSP so I can play Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology when it comes out. My poor wallet...
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04 March 2007 @ 04:32 pm
Well, its about time for my monthly update so....yah.


err yah. Anyway, Lots of games I've been playing lately. The ones that come to mind are Ar Tonelico, Final Fantasy 6, and Wild Arms: Alter Code F. I've always liked the idea behind the wild arms games. Its a western rpg. Cowboys and guns are cool. Therefore Wild Arms is awesome. yes thats how my logic works ><. Im only 3 hours in now so not much to say on that.

Ar Tonelico Im much farther in. I <3 this game. If it werent for the lag in battles it would be even awesomer. Im about 15 hours in and am near the end of Phase 2. Im not sure if I'm going to do Phase 3 anytime soon since its more of a bonus quest type of thing. Its only their if you want to get the shurelia endings are werent satisfied with the normal ending. I might go back to it again and do it. I also want to play through the Aurica Phase 2, but at the moment I just want to play Wild Arms. So I'll finish Phase 2 and go back to the game at a later date.

On an even more awesome note, I finally gave in and ordered Tales of Destiny (PS1 version) 68 dollars gone in a mouse click >< Curse you amazon. I could of got it for 50, but I really wanted the case and manual ;_;. So yah. I know Im getting myself into another Tales of Phantasia (ie. Slow battle system) but its the only english tales Im missing and I really want to play it. I've just about given up on the PS2 remake coming here and If it does I'll still buy it. I might just import it after I beat the english version and have a better idea of the plot.

So...yah this is pretty much everything thats been going on. I've been working but thats about as interesting as it gets in rl.
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05 February 2007 @ 06:58 pm
Okay. Im officially done putting off this post ^^. So...whats new.... hmmm. Nothing really. School still sucks.....OH! I got a job {cue gasps} I am a not so proud employee of Albertsons! Im a slave to a corporation! Go me! ($7.50 an hour to do easy stuff.)

Ive been sick for the last 4 days or so which sucks. Although I didn't have to go to school today so thats cool. I stayed home and Played Y's: Oath in Felgana all day ><. Yay for english translation patches!

Lets see...other news. Ive completed Summon Night: SCS 2 and Tales of the Tempest. Still working on Final Fantasy 3 which isnt good for my low frustration level >< Seriously the slightest thing irritates me.

Other than these, the only other news would be that AR Tonelico comes out on Wednesday which I preordered so Ill probably pick it up at EB games on Wednesday. Luckily Im not working that day.
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07 January 2007 @ 01:56 pm
Late merry christmas and happy new year I spose... Kinda of depressing to be in a new year. I only have 11 months of being a minor left *cry*

So I beat Twilight Princess and it was made of win and awesomeness. Although I dont think they're has ever been a bad zelda, cept those three that shall not be named. Really, they dont exist. Never happened.

So since christmas is over, Ive been playing a lot of different games. Most notably Final Fantasy 3 and Summon Night: SCS 2. (yup, finally got a legit copy of SCS2.) FF3 is somewhat fun, but its kinda hard for my mediocre rpg skills. Swordcraft 2 is just as fun as the first, but its definetly harder to break opponents weapons. (stupid black knight ><)

I also imported Tales of the Tempest! My first import game. I don't know why everyone doesnt like the game. Its not horrible. Though it may help that I dont know any japanese and am only playing with a translation guide... Maybe knowing whats going on isnt always good. oh well.

So the digimon fansub is up to ep 30 woot. The knew theme song is teh ownage. It looks like they may start subbing Deltora Quest and the new megaman series to so those might be interesting to get into.

Lets see...I also got vol 6 of Negima a few days ago and Vol 2 and 3 of Evangelion Angelic Days. So in Negima, it looks like the next few volumes are going to be filler and random fanservice till the next arc starts. Im not quite sure where Angelic Days is going but it looks like they're 3 more volumes left. Atleast thats all Amazon has for preorder...

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20 December 2006 @ 11:01 pm
So yah, I havent updated in...what 6 weeks? I'd like to say I was busy doing something but I really wasnt. I kinda just forgot about this journal and just didnt feel like posting to it anyway. But better late then never right?....right? >.> anyway.

So yah I went and saw Eragon opening day and it deeply saddens me to say that I left with a bad taste in my mouth. The movie seems to forget the book even existed. I question whether the script writers even read the book before they took their butcher knives to it. Thought it was better then I thought it would be, it still was disappointing. It may be because I loved the books though...

So Im on winter break (3 weeks off woot) and I started it by getting Zelda: Twilight Princess (GC version) GO ME! Last copy at my Best Buy! Take that! And Im loving it so far. Im about 31 or so hours into it and will probably finish the main quest tomorrow. Which saddens me slightly because Ive waited so long for it and finished it so quickly. Atleast I have Phantom Hourglass to look forward to next year. But I'll probably have to buy a Wii for the next zelda game *tear*

Ive also been playing through Tales of the Abyss again. This time on Hard with 2x exp and carried over AD skills. It's very amusing to gain 5 levels on Sword Dancer 1 (went from 17-22) Used the map glitch to get the vorpal sword early on though so its kinda fun. Even more amusing to take down Arietta and one of her pets in one hit using Radiant Howl with the Ion extension ^^; (Did 18000dmg to Sword Dancer) Vorpal sword makes it so much easier and so much more satisfying in my opinion.

So...yah...maybe I'll update again sometime....>.>
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05 November 2006 @ 01:36 pm
Royal Knights confirmed to be in Digimon Savers!

I know I said Id upload more pictures from ToA and give my gameplay info....but I'm lazy and havent done it....I promise to do it eventually....

1 more month till Zelda: Twilight Princess! /sigh I need money...and a job...
In other news I have 10 more days of being 16....how depressing...

EDIT: New Savers opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krSBwBYWPek
btw, Pure Pwnage 12, tomorrow...4pm....Be there!
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21 October 2006 @ 11:04 pm
!Spoilers Ahead!

So yah I beat Tales of the Abyss today. The games quite depressing really :/ It was really depressing when Luke wanted to kill himself >< If I was capable of tears I might've cried. Sadly the fight I was most looking forward to (vs Asch) was kinda disappointing >< Mainly because it was so short (60k hp? wtf) He should've had in the 100k hp range ><. Ill just have to bump the difficulty to hard on my next play through. That increased the enemies hp right?

I still need to finish the arena weapons and fight nebelim so I should be able to get anothe 5-10 hours outta the game before moving on the Grandia 2 and Baten Kaitos (yes...I still havent beat it)

So aside from beating the game nothing really exciting happened over the week ^^; Ill update again tomorrow maybe with some pictures and my ToA stats.

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